We recently went down to the soul of Detroit to capture the true essence of the dad hat. Taping into the gritty urban decay yet opulent undertone of the city. The hugely popular BMF dad hat represents that same esthetic. Although its from the streets it transcends barriers as it maintains its gritty street credibility while giving a slight chic sophistication as it pops up on local street corners and some of the hottest clubs in Hollywood. 

    Check out some of the pics below.





  • Throw BMF Thursday


    Imagine... Every where you go it's a movement, your life revels that of Jay Gatsby himself. Where every party is bigger then the last, sharing a Boeing business jet with Rappers, Movie Stars, Wall Street Mavericks, and ball players all headed to celebrate your Music Mogul close friends Birthday in Morocco is the norm. This is the lifestyle. This is BMF, where all black was the dress code, champagne unlimited, and beautiful women. 

    Terry Flenory and his brother Big Meech joined with celebrities friends aboard a private 747 jet in the summer of 2002